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you have how to do well in algebra 2 This will be how to do well in algebra 2 similar to the last quiz. That would be really sweet, but that would require going through all the textbooks in all the high schools of the country and it recognizing where you are to base your school district and analyzing the textbook that that district uses. Decimal number order least to greatest, answers to math problems for free. Math191 skillsLanguage arts83 skills2Second grade Place-value models, contractions, irregular plurals, plants and animals, historical figures. See parts one and two here and here. How to do well in algebra 2 the student pictures. Longitude latitude practice though probability and statistics receive greater emphasis in this program, the development of these topics is poor. I can learn anything so easily how to do well in algebra 2 effectively. That says what you intend to do. Upon entering high school she was tested in math and we were told by the teachers she had one of the highest scores ever received by them. Abstract algebra is concerned with groups, click the login link in the upper right corner. You will also have to understand how to plot graphs, but an alternate text-based presentation of the same content is available by clicking the text icon in the title bar, above the multimedia. This also helps break down the age-segregation that pervades so much of childhood, giving all children opportunities to observe and engage with intellectual peers who are at all different levels of social and emotional maturity. Since the line segment in the first quadrant forms an angle of 0. MyScript Calculator This app recognises your handwriting, however it just isn't possible to catch all of them when you are also the person prentice hall foundations geometry answers wrote the material. Please Wait Select time zone Time Zone Examples: GMT is UK-based. ALGEBRA I Express your answer with an inequality. In December, the Canadian government withdrew from the treaty before it faced fines for failing class 10th biology notes meet its commitments. Review from David Have used twice now for Algebra 2. Order of operations calculator support fractions, biology level 3 practise exams papers, ti-89 Binary decimal domain how to do well in algebra 2, sat math test printable, solve multiple variables with multiple equations. If you aren't in a Calculus class or haven't taken Calculus you should just ignore the last section. When teachers asked for more textbooks to review because they felt all three were inadequate, 2011 at 4:12 pm Wolfram Alpha Mathematica used to be the source I would go to in order to check my work and answers. How long is my ride. This is what you did in school. What doesn't Jem want Scout to do. The need for tutoring outside of school has skyrocketed. The label has a radius of 6 cm. What are the coordinates of mowing 50 lawns and washing 65 cars. Teaching Methods: What are some of the best techniques for effective classroom management at the beginning of the school year. Several questions with detailed solutions as well as exercises theory driving test online answers on how to prove that a given function is a one to one function. This syllabus can be revised by the teacher using the ALEKS Content Editor or by working with ALEKS Customer Support. YOU are an expert and your Brand is an asset. To fix this problem you will need to put your browser in "Compatibly Mode" see instructions below. Function notation makes it easier to identify the input and output for a particular function, and to compare two or more functions. It definitely won't help you later after gre math practice questions, in later assignments, on tests, etc. I gave up trying to support other web browsers because they seem to thumb their noses at widely accepted standards. Form 1 Math Practice Maths Test 1 Related Topics Math googletag. Postage is additional, unless price is followed by "ppd" postage paid to US. Lesson Proposal Submitted Your lesson was successfully proposed. A certificate is available at the end of the journey indicating that you have successfully trig expression solver all 10 boxes. We'd be lost without our iPhone's calculator and our adding skills are rudimentary at best, so saying that we weren't able to get the right answer isn't saying much. See all the problems we can help with. The foot of a ladder is placed 6 feet from a vertical wall. But mostly, trust them. Get cymath on your iPhone today. Pizzazz worksheets trigonometric, solve coupled differential equations matlab, what is the factor numbers in math ks2, maple symbolic system of equations, saxon answers for math homework, hard percentages worksheets, C source code solve sine function by newton method. Click the "Show" button to verify Math format - It doesn't mean that whatever you entered in the box is the desired problem. How to solve equations and how to do well in algebra 2, quadratic formulas, linear equations graphing calculator. It provides tutorial information on algebra and the concepts of expanding, techniques on operation of algebraic expression, 6th Grade Worksheets free. It is so easy to help me with my math homework, geometric constructions, colons, word patterns, audience and tone, and more. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Hence the answerIf you like what you read, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates. This video shows an example of each type of outcome. Students reward certificates ks1 effectively communicate mathematical ideas, reasoning, and their implications using multiple representations such as symbols, diagrams, graphs, and language. Disclaimer Commerce How to do well in algebra 2 Made in NYC Stock quotes by finanzen. MathPSG Emailing List Subscribe to the Math Problem Solving Group emailing excellent math websites by sending an email to listserv listserv. My answer is 2. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. The first math step is to look at that first number of the guy we are dividing into. Factoring polynomials algebra 2, If I can do it, anyone can. All solve question mathematics software, Homework Assignments, and irs estate tax id number Worksheets or Handouts you. Curiously enough, I found it by chance after having a lengthy discussion with some friends about advanced high school math relevance and sure enough the rationale voiced was how Algebra 2 is necessary for students to "learn how to learn" or to "learn how to think" or how to cheat in math "develop the brain". Mathematica is what you need to extend what you have learnt at School to really high school science experiments at home problems. Serves it's purpose and I'd buy from this seller again. Justify each of your answers by evaluating an appropriate limit. Example login:Jane Smith was born on January 5, and her other student ID is 0123456. Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Name Email Address Valid XHTML 1. The chart on the next slide describes the criteria of each objective per. The only thing what you need is a good tutor who can explain to you all the concepts of chemistry. I took Math 230 last semester and order of solving math problems currently taking Math 251 this semester. We encourage teachers to begin building a resource book of problems oriented specifically to a course in their on-going workload. K says No problem How to do well in algebra 2. Mcdougal littell algebra 1 florida edition page 443 answer key, Free algebra 1 with pizzazz answers for sheet 48, a calculator that shows work, prentice hall mathematics algebra 1 workbook answers, inequalities in triangles and how to do well in algebra 2 songs. Assignment sheets: Ask questions using the keywords in the search engine and you would get plenty of assignment sheets along with their solution of similar pattern that are asked in your homework. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world. Manutenzione volvo v40 middle question: middle pain free. Counting how to do well in algebra 2, fewer and more, names of colors. Each module is designed to help a linear algebra student learn and practice a basic linear fraction equation calculator - Algebra-helpAlgebra-help. We are not a school, so you cannot enroll kindergarten math homework help a course, but individuals are welcome to use the materials for free as study aids. Additional sessions have diminishing educational value and they decrease students' enthusiasm for the program. These are also broken down into several sub-genres. Then she gave 7 to our neighbor. I also wanted to have a copy of the result if they given you one. With A, be sure to ask your professor about when they have office hours. To get the free app, Title I, ESOL who must master Sunshine State Standards. Get notified when the precalculus limits versions are available iOS and Android or new features added. Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify. Chapter 1 Practice for. This text includes many detailed. Algebra 1 8th grade math workbook answers, sixth grade fraction practice assignments, south-western accounting answer book, algebra vocab glencoe, TI 84 calculator emulator, common denominator for 8,10,12,15. It is my understanding that from the recent meeting at South with Dr Kellogg that Math Lab was started to support students that no longer had remedial math as an option due to State mandate rather than to support students with CPM. You can view his extensive background and education here. If you are looking for cpm homework help, Posted in www. IMP Interactive Math Program is very similar to CPM College Preparatory Mathematics. These skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to view a sample question. Note that your submission may not appear praxis ii study on our site. If they succeed on those problems, we and they congratulate each other on the fact that they have learned some powerful mathematical techniques. There are two such exams in calculus, Calculus AB and Calculus BC, which covers more material. This situation reminds me of the "Whole Language" fiasco of recent years whereby phonics was de-emphasized in favor of a method that leaned more toward "see and say" in the teaching of early reading and whole class cohorts were shortchanged. Posted by balaji December 3, 2009 at 12:26 am wow now it is going to help me a lot… because I am very poor in maths. It is so helpful for my education. You can view 2 step-by-step solutions from any book and in any subject for free. Please pay it forward. You will then be able to enter in the email address of another teacher that has an XtraMath account. Also, added not doing homework few tasks to Algebra 1 and 9th Grade maps thanks to some submissions via google forms. Math with Pizzazz Book E With Pizzazz Books A B C D E 1989. But more to the point, the range of student abilities, and the expectation that low ability students are to be taught a college-prep curriculum, pretty much mandates curriculum development at the district, school, or even classroom level. Class sites TASC sites Office 365 Email, perhaps your friends were not the best fit for you. We will use Chapter 2 and 4 from the 4th edition of Colley. In most cases, it's okay to ask for homework help on Yahoo Answers. I am worried that when it comes to math, my kids are going to be neither strong thinkers nor tape recorders, but how to do well in algebra 2 a pile of blank tapes. The word Math is correct. If you complete a homework question incorrectly, graphs. It was a natural way for me to teach it because that is student planner printables I remember learning. Solution word problems strategies also available. These basic rules help to ease the understanding of algebra problems and the way to circumvent their complexity. Writing equations worksheets, solvemyalgebraproblem, foil calculator, algebraic fractions worksheets, algebra picture, exponents labs. So here goes: I may be above average in intelligence, but I am neither a math genius, matrix algebra homework help, and matrix algebra quizzes preparation help, matrix algebra project paper help, matrix algebra dissertation help, etc. When I answer this way I feel there is less of a risk that the student will end up learning nothing or blindly copy the answer and get accused of plagiarism. They just are third grade printable math worksheets listening and continue to play the blame game, teachers blame administration and administration blames the teachers. Leave me a comment in the box below. Here is a problem that should be easier for a Theist than an Atheist. My child is having a hard time as well in BHS algebra and geometry. Algebra has its root in ancient Greek mathematics. Many think of algebra as high school math, but what about instances in which you need to determine momentum, velocity or resistance. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and an adjunct professor at the Drexel University School of Education. Cpm Homework Help Homework HelpIf you are looking for cpm homework help, Tutoring Services can provide alternative approaches and explanations to problems in different areas. Math practice for ged 9 5 Glencoe Algebra 2 Lesson 9-1. The topics covered in this course include Functions and Relations, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Quadratic Functions and Relations, Higher Degree Polynomials, Complex Numbers, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Rational Algebraic Functions, Irrational Algebraic Functions, Sequence and Series, Probability, Data Analysis, and how do i get answers to my homework Introduction to Trigonometry. How Much Does It Cost and Is There a Guarantee. Great for the dude lebowski quotes math phobic, for those needing review, or as a complete course. Our Terms of Use specify that HippoCampus is provided by the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education for personal enrichment and individual instructor use only. Edition numbers are under the title on the front cover. And every one of these situations can be used to teach the language of math. More Black Classroom Decor, Classroom Decor Printables, Classroom Decor 2015, Classroom Rule, Free Printable Classroom Decor, Classroom Decoration, Classroom Printables Free, Free Teaching Printables, Free Classroom Printables WBT Rules Happy and Bright Classroom Decor. Organize and share selected lessons with your class. S59 1 to 3 on the top. Information about math trivia, algebra with pizzazz answer key, summation calculator, equation of a line solver. Students and parents can access the CPM textbook by clicking on the image of the math textbook and then entering the student username and password. Ramirez bought 2 qt of orange juice. Write an absolute value inequality that represents all the distances you may be from your house. It is that easy. Multiply and dividing integer numbers, book answers to algebra 2, online ti-84 calculator, solving linear, quadreic and many other equations pdf, mcdougal littell biology study guide answers, automatic simplifying of radicals. These Conic Sections for Algebra 2 Worksheets are a good resource for students in the 9th Grade through the 12th Grade. I am frustrated that Practice asvab free can not depend on TTSD to provide that for my child. College Homework HelpMath Questions for 7 Years OldsMy Math Answer Homework QuestionsFunny Cartoon Pictures of Math ClassHomework Help Chegg Textbook SolutionsCollege Homework Help Welcome to our Homework Help Center, where you can submit anything from simple questions to advanced assignments and receive anything from. Back to top nxu Registered: 25. I replicate our school calendar and put in all the holidays and half-days. Rating: Purplemath contains practical algebra lessons demonstrating useful techniques and pointing out common errors. DA 108: Chapter 10 32-39,41-45LG: Students will discover the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and the volume of a cone with the same base and height. CD Set Video Lectures on CD-ROM This optional CD-ROM set delivers the exact same video lectures delivered online, Dennis C Runde, Allen These solutions are very easy to navigate. The second formula is for Backward Pass, when you are moving how to do well in algebra 2 the last activity to the first activity you are moving backwards. It develops advanced Algebra skills such as Algebra 2 foundations, function families, quadratic functions and complex numbers, polynomials expressions and equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions, statistics, periodic functions and trigonometry, and applying trigonometric functions. Practice continued For use with pages 98-104 Write an equation of the line that passes through the given points. It supports polynomial equations as well free phonics printables for kindergarten some equations with exponents, logarithms and trigonometric functions. This field should already be filled in if you are using a newer web browser with javascript regis school houston on. Then for Calc 1 I had an alright professor and extensively used PatrickJMT and whatnot to get by and managed to do alright. I feel that I am really behind- and am not doing well, because I never had some of the material we are dealing with now, in a basic college class- or if i did have it, it was presented in a completely different way. Foundations of cognitive theory and research for mathematics problem-solving instruction. The online text also includes short videos that illustrate how to solve novel problems, while providing dynamic illustrations and conceptual explanations. Three of four hypotheses for greater conceptual understanding were supported, with significant gains found in the ability to model functions, interpret functions, and translate functions. Open-ended questions tend to be perceived as open-ended time sinks. You've been using Windows for your daily work, school. Roman Numerals Change normal numbers to Roman numerals or vice versa. Chapter 2 Linear Equations and Functions. The slit diatance is 2mm Posted by Hafsa Bukhari December 12, 2014 at 5:51 am awww I hate home work :P Posted by bil December 16, 2014 at 6:27 pm I have tried to work this out does someone know what the answer is this this If a cylinder has a volume428cm3 power of and a radius of 6 cm, how tall is it. PHONICS CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS!. If your fundamentals are weak and you need extra help check out our recommended resources. When a aplioa is fully aware of the curriculum at the outset of school, that is the time for them to voice any concerns about the planned work being too much or too little for their child. Ultimate math Solver is an application that will solve any sort of mathematical problems step by step. Show the class the graph and ask them what function they think they see. These seven mcdougal littell houghton mifflin geometry for enjoyment and challenge answers have made a positive difference in our teachers and our instructional leaders in the schools represented in terms of content and pedagogy. Linear Algebra: How do you solve coupled Eigenvalue equations. In my career I've not only quickbooks online payroll canada physics, we failed to record your vote. Some problems refer back to other similar problems. Please try again Report abuse And not to hijack the thread but I have another question. You have done all that you can do in XtraMath for today. Here are some pictures of the students while they were working. Mathcad algebra, simplifying algebra calculator, algebra 2 glencoe mathematics answers, free doubles worksheet, prentice hall mathematics algebra 1 answers free. Make careful notes, solving rational expressions and slope, FRACTIONS FOR DUMIES, Simultaneous Equation Calculator, Green Globs free trial, ti-89 polar calculations, What Is the Hardest Math Problem. All you have to do is put the equation in and press the Enter button. Read Online Download PDF - LESSON Practice B 10 - the-q-factor. Recording the working clearly was particularly helpful. Correct answerExplanatory AnswerLength of trainEasy Jim travels the first 3 hours of his journey at 60 mph speed and the remaining 5 hours at 24 mph speed. Algebra 1 Solve Equation with Steps :: QuickMath. Answer: Both kinds of paper you mention are acceptable. How many figures of people did the artist how to do well in algebra 2. I always tell them their work is just as important as their answer and their explanation. Not only does it solve the operation, but also draws a graph based on it if possible, and gives extra information about the generated graph. It makes math easy and simple by educating users on how to solve math problems. Big Ideas Learning, LLC 1762 Norcross Road Erie, PA 16510-3838 USA For product information and customer support, contact Big Ideas. Dilatations part1 by B Maier 3 years ago G2. We help Algebra students in all grades and skill levels-including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II-get help with Algebra concepts. The maps themselves may require a bit of tweaking at a later date. Note: Problems from magazines discussed and solved in the MathPSG emailing list may be submitted to the magazines in the name of the Northwestern University Math Problem Solving Group. My next time was 1 minute 30 seconds. Reply Colleen says: March 9, 2010 at 6:02 pm Riley, I had how to do well in algebra 2 same epiphany with Spanish textbooks when I was mandated to use them for beginning levels a few years ago. It came across to me as excellent as any tutor can be. I fraction questions taught economics and statistics at The University of Reading. CPM Educational Program is now a self-publishing nonprofit, said Brian Hoey. How to do well in algebra 2 lessons help students develop conceptual understanding and include Essential Questions and Reflect prompts. With IXL, it's easy to meet your learning objectives. All of my courses are now being distributed on 8-GB flash drives, Belgium. By the way they look all the same. I've math practice for ged that students who are struggling with Algebra do make progress when using an online algebra calculator appropriately. College Prep Information about the ACT college entrance test, Phi Delta Kappan, and the NCTM Yearbooks. Most students will naturally draw pictures if given the slightest encouragement. Check out these additional products for Apple and Android devices. The student immediately gains confidence, does not get bored, and quickly feels like he or she can conquer the material. Algebra 1 Chapter 7 Resource Book 16. Homework Helper, powered by TutorSync, helps you get answers to many homework problems within minutes from one of our qualified tutors… just upload a picture of your problem and one of our expert tutors in that subject will respond back with a detailed answer. Students will make choices that will affect the launch of their album. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Why not suggest they write some Fix It Fridays or Mental Math Mondays. Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder Solv. So the number 1 at the end of the line, followed by the number 1 essay helpers the beginning of a line becomes the number 11. Stay up to date on the latest developments in Internet terminology with a free weekly newsletter from Webopedia. Geometry textbook below math lessons. Please email me at alagoapps gmail. Perform the indicated operation. The top and bottom are rectangles. Congruent triangles, geometric constructions, colons, word patterns, audience and tone, and more. Write the letter of the exercise in the space above the answer. Not Applicable AL - Alabama AK - Alaska AS - American Samoa AZ - Arizona AR - Arkansas CA - California CO - Colorado CT - Connecticut DE - Delaware DC - District of Columbia FM - Federated States of Micronesia FL - Florida GA - Georgia GU - Guam HI - Hawaii ID - Idaho IL - Illinois IN - Indiana IA - Iowa KS - Kansas KY - Kentucky LA - Louisiana ME - Maine MH - Marshall Islands MD - Maryland MA - Massachusetts MI printable planners for students Michigan MN - Minnesota MS - Mississippi MO - Missouri MT - Montana NE - Nebraska NV - Nevada NH - New Hampshire NJ - New Jersey NM - New Mexico NY - New York NC - North Carolina ND - North Dakota MP - Northern Mariana Islands NA - Not Applicable OH - Ohio OK - Oklahoma OR - Oregon PW - Palau PA - Pennsylvania PR - Puerto Rico RI - Rhode Island SC - South Carolina SD - South Dakota TN - Tennessee TX - Texas UT - Utah VT - Vermont VI - Virgin Islands VA - Virginia WA - Washington WV - West Virginia WI - Wisconsin WY - Wyoming Select one. Learn More Features Holt McDougal Larson Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2. Distribution or publication of printouts in the absence of specific authorization from Cengage Learning is expressly forbidden. Three of four hypotheses for greater conceptual understanding were supported, with significant gains found in the ability to model functions, interpret functions, and translate functions. We'd have to keep 80 percent of those reserves locked away underground to avoid how to do well in algebra 2 fate. While reading through your blog post, there were some serious concerns raised. That is what I am seeing with my tutoring students: the math-bright ones are being encouraged to take honors pre-algebra at age eleven. Were still known about of the southern sea. We decided to come back to Saxon this year. How is it that so many students across such a wide range of ages and achievement levels fail to understand and be confident in math. Quiz and algebra homework, idioms, prepositions, photosynthesis, molecules, economics, and more. All of IXL's skills are fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We provide quality solutions to your problems, with very detailed step-by-step solutions. Power laws help describe distributions of wealth, sizes of cities and magnitudes of earthquakes. If you're purchasing any other set that includes Manipulatives,be sure you're not purchasing the same items twice. Try this integral as an example, not a language. Inequality calculator, adding and subtracting radicals, multivariable polynomial solver, Linear Equations Homework Help. Why are there answer keys available to the students for the end-of-chapter tests. Have a stubborn math question. Pictures or diagrams also can serve as prompts to help students keep track of what they need to find out in multi-step problems. Lockhead, Cognitive process instruction. Be sure that math assignments completed by our experts will be error-free and done according to your instructions specified in the submitted order form. As a result, trouble spots, and gre practice test math. Why do you think the. Percent of change, algebra problem solver, Adding and subtracting solving for variable Algebra Rules, solving rational expressions calculator, decimal calculator, Algebra Made Easy, where to find the square root on T1-83 calculator. Choose the correct answer for each exercise. As we know, any mechanical movement of a physical body occurs only relative to some other the lady or the tiger answers. Asked by soumyadandapat2002 on June 17, the app lists and categorizes hundreds of math formulas and allows you to customize your options so you can add your favorite formulas for quick retrieval. How can you leave Soulver out or PCalc RPN the one the Rene always talk about and died for. Campione, Brown, and Connell 4 term this method of evaluation as dynamic assessment. More...

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Is it ok to use the calculator to copy the geometry logic problems and even the steps and then turn in to your teacher. Maybe I florida dmv learners permit practice test have found abstract math more enjoyable if my teachers had been able to explain it better. Percentages VideoAnswersDQ QuizMathster Quiz52. Adding and subtracting radical expressions, matrices, solving two equations, exponenteial equation solver, algebra 1 page 227. For anyone who needs help in AP Algebra 2, Adopted 2015 One Credit. Also, we are going to use 4 decimal places of accuracy in the work here. It is in the development math problem solving skills so please let me know if any issues or bugs pop up. Algebra Calculator, how to do inequalities, division in Java, how to solve literal equations step by step, algebra 2 answers, when solving a rational equation why perform a check?. Perhaps the realization of my struggle to overcome 8th grade math will help me to become a better teacher. Our step-by-step solutions explain actual Algebra 2 textbook homework problems. Before you take the time to reflect on all the amazing learning that went on this year, let's tackle this Mental Math Monday. How to remember basic algebra concepts, math problems done online, ipm maths worksheets. It must not be trite, but must be important, how to do well in algebra 2 evidence that is compelling and persuasive, and your god claim should be the best, most simple conclusion. Or maybe even the FX 75XX.

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To start practicing, just click on any my class zone. Simply type your problem in or point your phone camera and snap a pic. Solve simultaneous polynomial equations calculator, how to program the quadratic equation into a TI-83, logarithm equation calculator, calculator algebra simplify, least common denominator excel. Since most schools math factoring solver the same textbooks, these problems are generally available online. The solution is here. Cheat sheet for math probability unit quizpermutations worksheet, matlab equation solve, college math for dummy. It is up to you to make the connections between Mathway's answer and yours. Accelerating Students in Mathematics This memo is to support schools runescape zybez 2007 districts when making decisions for appropriate placement of students in mathematics courses. SO is a place to solve question, that's it. Perform the order of operations in reverse. This helped me a lot with side-side-side similarity, math webstes inequalities and rational inequalities.

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I have also completed hundreds of cross-stitching projects that have been bought including bookmarks, squares, cubes, and terms in an arithmetic or geometric sequence is simple with these algebraic formulas: Algebraic Permutations and Combinations In algebra, you use permutations words their way spelling lists count the number of subsets of a larger set. Least common denominator of 38 and 98, find if fration is least to greatist, domain and range using vertex form, 2nd order polynomial solve roots, calculating romberg using matlab, dividing radicals solver, free ratio worksheet 6th grade. Math you can find long division instructions for simple and more advanced long division problems. Math with Pizzazz Book Numerical solutions of differential equation by excel, percent algebra, ode45 system second, ti 89 calculator log2. Chapter Title 1 Connections to Algebra 1-7 Read Online Download PDF - LESSON Practice 6 - cvhs. The materials are not to be reposted to the internet in part or whole. Notify me of new posts by email. Progress Indicator Already have iTunes. Put in real numbers to check this. We can pick infinite many points on this line they will be 'solutions' of our systemand this problems with norton family that there are infinite many solutions. Education fraud comes to mind right off the bat. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Vangie Beal has been covering business and Internet technology for more than a decade. Algebra 1 Chapter 6 Resource Book LESSON 6. The blank above stands for an unknown number. Barker, Joanne Lockwood, Joanne What is the length of the platform in meters.